Invermoriston House

Invermoriston House is the home of James Ewen Grant the present laird of Glenmoriston. This is the fourth house to occupy the site. The first was burnt down by the government after the Jacobite rising of 1715. For the part he played in the rising, the laird at the time, John Grant, not only lost his house but also forfeited his lands.  Eventually after many difficulties, Glenmoriston managed to buy back the estate and to rebuild his house. By the time of the Jacobite rising of 1745, John Grant was dead and his son Patrick had succeeded him. Patrick raised 200 men from the glen and joined the Prince early in the campaign. After the defeat of the Highland army at Culloden the following year the young laird became a fugitive sought by the Hanoverian redcoat soldiers.

The elderly Lady Glenmoriston, mother of the laird and of thirteen other children, was the only one of the family at home when a large party of Highland militia led by Sir Alexander MacDonald, the Laird of MacLeod and Lord Loudon arrived at the house.   These Highlanders, who had joined the Hanoverian side at the start of the rising, were on their way from the Isle of Skye to Inverness. They had received orders from the Duke of Cumberland to punish Glenmoriston by putting the torch to every house in the Glen. The common men made camp around the house whilst the officers became uninvited guests within. Next morning Lord Loudon ordered his men to set fire to the house.

Among Sir Alexander MacDonald’s men were two MacDonalds, who were nephews to old Lady Glenmoriston, which helps to explain how the family portraits and other heirlooms managed to survive the flames, but it also illustrates the confused state of affairs when members of the same family fought on opposing sides.

Invermoriston House was once again rebuilt but was then destroyed again, this time accidentally in 1930. The present house is modern and smaller than the one it replaced.

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The estate welcomes guests for hunting, fishing and even team building actives. While the house is visible from the roadside anyone wish to look around the outside is asked to contact the estate first to ensure this can be accommodated.