Craig Elachie Hill

'Stand Fast Craig Elachie' - the slogan of Clan Grant.

Craig Elachie is a hill which rises above Aviemore, and the Grants were historically tasked by King Malcolm III to ensure that they warned him should danger come from the north. The alarm would be sent by burning a beacon at the top of the hill, to warn the King – and the rest of lowland Scotland – that danger threatened from the North..

Grants on the west side of the River Spey would gather at Craig Elachie with ‘Craigelachie’ becoming their war cry, while Grants to the east would gather at Craig Revack with ‘Craigrevack’ becoming their war cry.

The Clan Crest is an image of a burning hill proper, and represents the burning beacons atop the hill of Craig Elachie.

There is a walk up the hill of “Craigellachie” (spelled with two Ls) on the Walk Highlands website which is approx. 5km and directions can be found here:

Aviemore PH22 1QJ Scotland GB
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