Logie Steading

Logie Steading was traditionally an outbuilding forming part of the Logie Castle grounds where the dairy herds were kept and maintained.

Sir Alexander Grant bought Logie Estate in 1924. Three generations of his descendants currently live on the estate, the latest being the sixth generation of Sir Alexander’s family to live at Logie.

Alexander Grant was the son of a guard on the Highland Railway. He was born and educated in nearby Forres. Apprenticed to a local baker, he progressed to Edinburgh where he worked for Robert McVitie eventually becoming Chairman of the biscuit business. He developed the Digestive Biscuit and opened factories in Edinburgh, London and Manchester. He became a wealthy man and a generous benefactor, buying Forres House and grounds (now Grant Park) for the town of Forres, and paying for improvements to Nairn Harbour.

After buying Logie in 1924 (in the same year that he was created a Baronet), Sir Alexander renovated Logie House and built the sandstone farm buildings.

In 1983 the decision was made to sell the dairy herd, and the buildings became redundant. Alasdair Laing inherited from his father Sandy in 1988. In 1991, he and his wife Panny, developed the steading into workshops – the first tenants were the Tea Room, Logie Gunmakers, Neil Oliver the engraver, and the Art Gallery. Over the next 20 years, the River Findhorn Heritage Centre opened, the playground was built, river walks developed, there have been open air theatre performances, and new businesses have opened. The milking parlour was where the Heritage Centre is now; the bull pens were where Hellygog is, and the cows wintered where the café is today.

Aside from the Steading and Home Farm, there are a number of other enterprises supported across the estate. Farming, forestry, energy generation, environmental and community projects, housing, and fishing are a few. You can read more about many of these in their website.

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